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Tue 29th Mar 2016 - 9:07pm General

Welcome faithful followers! We appreciate all the love we have gotten in the last couple months of our podcast, website, competitive gaming, and streams. This is our new website! We love the new format of this site and also how esports has been growing rapidly in the last year. We hope to make even more of a dive this year especially with our one year anniversary coming June 19th!

We ask only one thing of you, our followers. We want more! We love our followers and want to hear more from you! Along with hearing from you more, we hope to bring more prizes to Winks Trivia, bring more giveaways, and also bring more guests to our podcast! If you want to join in on our games or streams our gamertags are as follows:

Brett- Groove44

Wink- Winkelstilskin

Zach- BigZ133


Also, with the growth of our eSporst teams we hope to bring more gamers and teams into the Bitwar Gaming world. If you are interested in joining our teams or even have questions about our eSports arenas just shoot us an email at


We look forward to this year!


-BWG Team



Zach Goins

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