Detailed Instructions For Connecting Canon Printer To Wi-Fi

  • Wed 26th Aug 2020 - 12:45pm
    The easiest way to Connect Canon Printer to Wifi is through the WPS method, which resolves How To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi. Make sure there's a WPS push button in the router. Keep the Wi-Fi button on the printer control panel before the warning light blasts Click the WPS button on the router and note after a moment the light next to the Wi-Fi button will blink blue. The Wi-Fi lamp will glow constantly as the printer scans the network. The power and Wi-Fi lamp on the control panel of the printer will begin flashing when the printer connects to the router itself. The power and the Wi-Fi lamp will no longer light when the printer is placed on a network. Connect the same network to your computer. To check the connection, try to print a text. The following steps are for the normal form of communication. If you don't have the CD or if your computer runs on a Mac system, insert the installation CD delivered along with the printer into your computer, download the driver from our site. Click Continue on the installer screen following instructions. When a connection type is selected, select the Wireless connection. Make sure the printer is switched on, then the next move is to connect the printer to the network on the 'Preparing for Connection' pad. Tap on Connect to the Network tab and in the next pop-up screen pick Cableless Setup. Keep the Wi-Fi button of the printer when you see the link through the cableless setup screen. Click the button twice after flashing the orange alarm light. Verify that the Wi-Fi lamp blinks with the power lamp and click the Next option. Select your area and the device type that you want to run. Agree with the Setup License Agreement. If you need How To Connect Canon Printer To Wifi technical assistance, call us at the contact number. You will be supported by our technical experts.

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